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Jenifer Madson, Founder, 
Next Step SoberU™
Back in 1997, I began my self-development journey (while continuing to work my core recovery program), and quickly started breaking through old fears and habits and gaining the freedom I dreamed of for my finances, my health, and my relationships. 

Today I am empowering sober women around the world to do the same. 

I founded Next Step SoberU™ to give you the EXACT methods, tools, and maps I used to create that confidence and fulfillment in my life.
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In ALL Aspects Of Your Life!!
Imagine what true fulfillment LOOKS and FEELS like for your sober life... 

Boldly claiming a vision of success, for your health, wealth, relationships, career, impact...

Having the unmistakable confidence and self-worth to match your vision...

Effortlessly aligning the people and resources to support you on your journey...

The ongoing excitement from bringing those visions to life...

This is all not only possible, it's HAPPENING for Next Step SoberU™ members! 

Does this sound like the life you're called to? 


Because you deserve every freedom and happiness of this amazing second chance! 
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Welcome To Next Step SoberU™! 
We are a global community of women in recovery from addiction who are committed to the amazing lives, relationships, and impact of our dreams!

We walk you through the PROVEN METHODS & MINDSET for thriving in ALL aspects of your life, and CELEBRATE you every step of the way!! 
  • The Next Step Breakthrough Method™—A PROVEN system for claiming a powerful vision for your life, breaking away from limiting beliefs and habits, and breaking through to the motivation and skills to bring your dreams to life! 
  • LIVE Coaching w/Jenifer Madson—Weekly coaching and mastermind sessions with Jenifer to give you the tools, strategies, and inspiration to accelerate your results!!
  • Private FB Group—Connect and collaborate with sober women who leverage their collective brilliance on behalf of each other's dreams!!
  • Wheel of Life—An assessment to clearly identify which areas of your life to strengthen first
  • Next Step Action Plan™—The strategic and actionable map to make your dreams a reality 
  • Living The Promises—A signed copy of Jenifer's best-selling book of meditations for "coming to life" on your sober journey
  • 60-Second Identity Shift—A template to instantly manifest greater results in any area of your life
  • Conscious Conversations—A blueprint to navigate conflict and better align with those closest to you
  • Next Step Mindfulness Method™—The 5 Keys to finding calm, clarity, and right action
  • A Financial Minute/E-Book—Jenifer's best-selling book on creating a relationship with money to support what matters to you most
  • And So Much More, see below!
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“Before joining Next Step SoberU™, the idea of putting myself first rarely if ever crossed my mind. “It’s not my way of life,” “there’s no time,” “I'm being selfish…”—All limiting beliefs.  I really started putting this new form of self-care into practice when my AHA moment came during the Breakthrough Course: I had always fought for others so passionately, but rarely did so for myself.  The Breakthrough Course and SoberU teach me that self care and celebrating are not only options but necessary for me on the whole to be the best "self" I can be.  By going through the Breakthrough Course, I feel and know beyond a shadow of doubt that I am loyal, loving, giving, compassionate, worthy, a passionate advocate, and so many other wonderful things, as worthy of care and love as everyone else I serve. I am not ashamed to admit these things—today its not boasting, it’s my reality!”
- Alisia P., Member, Next Step SoberU™
“Jenifer's Breakthrough Course in Next Step SoberU™ took my breath away. I came into SoberU wondering what it was really all about and soon found out how to get to the core of what holds me back and then see how to break through those old behaviors and dialogs with and about myself. Very, Very Powerful. I've noticed a definite change in my attitude and perspective: I am so inspired to move forward with the next chapter of my life. Thank you from the Bottom of My Heart.”
- Terry L., Member, Next Step SoberU™
Weekly Distinctions
Tips For Awakening
Jenifer shares distinctions of thought, language, and action to strengthen your resolve, relationships, and results in every area of your life! 

Next Step 
Impact Circles™
Leverage Your Brilliance
A weekly meeting to share wins, challenges, and lessons learned, and leverage our collective brilliance in support of each other's dreams! 
Weekly Q&A w/Jenifer
Activate Your Vision

Laser coaching sessions with Jenifer to make the most of the SoberU courses and tools! 

Monthly Master Class
Accelerate Your Goals
A Master Class on the coaching "distinction of the month," plus "real-time" tools and strategies for advancing your life!
Expert Interviews
Align Your Spirit
Inspiration & strategies from world class leaders on how to advance your health, wealth, & happiness!

Member Spotlight
LIVE The Promises
Stories and celebrations from around the world on coming to life in sobriety!

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"I met Jenifer months into my recovery, almost 7 years ago.   My life before the course was what seemed to be floating. I had work, AA meetings, a husband and two cats. I knew deep down inside there just had to be more!  I thought, wait a minute Michelle, you don't have much to complain about. Your life is good. I dug deep and that was very uncomfortable for me. But like the 12 steps, it needed to be done. I've repaired my relationship with my husband, and am taking steps to further succeed in my employment. With Jenifer's help I know now not to make things so difficult, it ALL is within my reach. And it's up to me to make things happen. Not tomorrow not next year but today.  I have a clear picture of what I want out of my life and ways to make it all happen.  I encourage everyone to be open minded and brutally honest while in the course. It has changed my life."
- Michelle D.
“When I came across Next Step Sobriety™ and this course, I thought this could be helpful. 
Being a woman in recovery for 26 years it can be hard to find something that stirs your soul into action the way this simple program did.  From day one the support, trust, and integrity of tools offered made it simple for the busiest of women to squeeze time out of her life to grow and reignite the hope and power of her recovery program.  The straightforward, no room for judgment approach Jenifer gently enforces makes it easy to feel safe and secure throughout the process.”
- Forever grateful, Angelique A.
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